The hustle and bustle of daily life can take a toll on our sleeping patterns. In fact, studies show that 30% of Australians will suffer from a severe sleep disorder at some point in their lives. LUMEN's unobtrusive design allows you to go about your daily tasks while the proven 30 minute light therapy treatment works to realign your natural body clock.

The Problem.

Our bodies are hard wired to align themselves with the cycles of night and day. Sunlight enters the eye, hits the back of the retina and inhibits the production of melatonin, a sleep regulator. However, due to a variety of circumstances many people do not receive adequate sunlight exposure and as a result suffer from a mistimed body clock.Although proper exposure to the daily cycle of sunlight can correct this misalignment, busy schedules often make this difficult or impossible.

Professor Leon Lack and Dr. Helen Wright of Flinders University have been researching the effect that light exposure at various times of the day has on sleeping patterns. The results show that the manipulation of melatonin production, through light exposure, has the ability to retime the body clock and correct a number of sleep disorders including:



Winter Depression

One size does not fit all.

Your face requires a unique fit. Testing of rapid prototypes showed that one size will never fit all. Excess width in the frame is okay, but a nose bridge too wide can cause problems. Because of this further investigation was required to create a design that could accomodate a variety of nose bridge widths and depths.

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