Roller Dry

The roller dry’ clothes airer's sleek and simple design boast high grade materials to provide easy and reliable use. Sufficient line space for a full laundry load and a compact wall mounted design makes the ‘roller dry’ perfect for indoor or outdoor applications. Ring rolled Aluminum extrusions are utilised for a lightweight product with impressive strength. This is combined with injection moulded glass filled nylon fittings for a robust finish.

How to Use

To Slide Out
Simply place hand on bottom grip and push upwards. The ‘roller dry’ airer is specifically designed for smooth one handed operation.

To Lock Into Place
When the bottom arm butts up against the roller casing push in towards the wall to click into the locked position.

To Slide Away
Pull handle away from the wall and slide down to stowed position.


A compact design makes the ‘roller dry’ perfect for a number of household locations from the laundry or living area to the patio. The slide away mechanism also means that the airer can be folded away without having to remove already hanging clothes.

8m of line hanging space means the ‘roller dry’ can handle a full load of washing with ease. In addition 1.2m lengths of line means that larger items such as towels can be dried.

The ‘roller dry’s’ innovative roller system provides smooth and quick storage and removal. A one way locking mechanism ensures that the airer cannot accidently be folded away.

Coat hanger hooks provide extra storage space for items that you may wish to dry on a coat hanger.

Assembly Instructions

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